Zana of Abkhazia

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The story of Zana of Abkhazia is similar to the legend of Bigfoot in popularity.

Nevertheless, unlike Bigfoot which has no verifiable source of evidence, the story of Zana of Abkhazia, was actually a true story.


The legendary true story, began in the mid 19th century, when a rich prince engaged in hunting expenditures.

This rich prince made mention of encountering a frightening, and strange ape like creature.

His story became the seeds of rumors that circulated in Abkhazia, that the ape like creature, called locally as “Abnauai”, which the prince encountered, was living in the caves of the mountainous region.

Eventually, the prince set out on a hunting expenditure, but this time, his sole purpose was to catch the apelike creature, but he couldn’t catch the creature.

So the prince gave orders to his servants to catch the creature, by all means.

The servants of the king were distraught, and wondered how they would get the creature.

So they came up with a plan. They used a human pair of trousers that smelled of sweat, as a bait, to lure the unsuspecting creature, known to them then, as “Abnauai”, into a trap.

The creature smelled the trousers, came and inspected the package, and was captured.

Meanwhile, the servants wondered, what sort of creature it was.

So they took the creature to their prince, and on getting there, they discovered that the massive creature (approximately 201 cm (6 ft 7.13 in), was a she (woman).

The prince then christened the creature Zana, and he sent her to the village of Tkhina, the owner of which was the landowner Genaba.

Zana of Abkhazia Height

Zana of Abkhazia height is 201 cm (6 ft 7.13 in).

Feet: 6.59 ft
Feet + Inches: 6 ft 7.13 in
Inches: 79.13 in
Meters: 2.01 m

Centimeters: 201 cm


Zana of Abkhazia was a ginormous woman, and easily dwarfed men and her strength was legendary.

She had hair covering her entire body, like an ape, and had the similar type of strength.

Her skin was as dark as charcoals, and her lower jaw protruded strongly forward, out of her thick lips, whenever she got angry and bared her teeth.

Her body proportions eclipse that of the strongest man, with unreal length of appendages (arms and feet).

Descendants (Children and Grandchildren)

Despite her appearance, Zana of Abkhazia was famous, and believe it or not had suitors, who still remain a mystery.

Needless to say, some of her suitors impregnated her, and her first children, the giant took up to the cold freezing mountain rivers and washed them in the frigid waters.

When it became clear that she wasn’t a good mother, her subsequent offspring, were taken from her, and nurtured externally.

These offspring grew up to look like normal humans. Although many of them were very tall, and strong.

It is said that four of her children survived, although information about them is entrenched in mysteries, except her youngest son -Khvit.

Khvit lived all his life in the village of Tkhina, and died after the revolution, and was buried besides his mother.

He also had many children, whose identities, are mysteries, except one of his daughters, name Raisa.

Remains and Research

The history of Zana has always been a gold mine for scholars.

Boris Porshnev a cryptozoologist went to Abkhazia in the 60s of the 20th century, to interview the inhabitants, especially the old, who should have inkling of information about her, and her children.

Boris Porshnev managed to encounter one of Zana’s granddaughter, who was Khvit’s daughter.

She was a simple woman who worked at the local post office, and had nothing unusual about her, except her negroid features.

Another scholar, Igor Burtsev, the historian director of the international center of Hominology, Russian

He carried out extensive excavation at the Tkhina cemetery, although he didn’t find Zana’s grave and only found her sons grave, and bones.

Khvit’s skull was later sent to Moscow for thorough examination.