9 Reasons Why Most Blogs Fail and don’t get Traffic

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What most blogging gurus never tell newbies, is the sheer volume of sites, that fail.

This is because they are only interested in the cash, that the newbies, can offer them, like buying hosting plans, buying their online course, etc.

As such, most newbie, bloggers are flabbergasted, when after following the tips given, by the quack gurus, they latter find out that their efforts has not paid off, after a while.

1. Wrong Niche

All newbies fail because they started their blogging career in the wrong niche.

This has always been the reason, many new bloggers fail.

Instead of them going for profitable blogging niches, they instead follow their hearts, and venture into saturated blogging niches, like fitness, relationships, advices, or parenting, which is less profitable.

Eventually, they soon discover that their website has not progressed even after investing a lot into it.

Do yourself a favor, and avoid the following niches, if you are a novice blogger:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Parenting
  3. Relationships and advice
  4. Finance
  5. Any niche in the YMYL niche

If you want to succeed online, you can go for these niches, as you can’t go wrong in them:

  1. Tech (Saturated but it is very broad, find your own niche in tech).
  2. Agriculture niche
  3. Blogging niche
  4. Unknown sports

The above niches are the best niches, to involve yourself, if you want to succeed in your blogging endeavors.

2. Over Niche

Over niche is the situation, when a website is not focused on one niche, and is all over the place.

You find this with new bloggers. They don’t know the particular niche, they want to pick, when blogging.

As such, they just blog whatever comes to their minds.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t pay off in the long run, since nobody knows what the heck you are blogging about.

Search engines also don’t understand what your site is about, so they can’t rank your website properly.

Eventually, your efforts are put in the drain, since you have not chosen a particular niche to blog in.

3. Low Content

Low content, is when your website has almost no content on it.

Some lazy bloggers, will go through the pain of designing a website, and everything. Then they just leave it, without putting any articles on it. Expecting something miraculous to happen to their website.

You need to be hitting the publish button, every single day. If not you should not expect to be making any money from your blogging endeavors.

4. Poor Keyword Research

Poor keyword research has caused many a blogs to fail.

There is no point writing an article with zero search volume, and expecting traffic to miraculously come to your website.

Aim for keywords with high search volume that way, you can get site visitors, who can

5. Few Backlinks

Backlinks is a vetting sign for search engines.

In the eyes of search engines the more websites, link to you the more trusted your website should be.

As such, you should invest time and effort in backlinks, because they are important ranking factors that tell search engines that your articles, can be trusted.

The more websites link to a particular article, the more search engines recognize that website article as important, and they in turn will rank the article higher in the serps.

6. Unformatted Blog Posts

Novice bloggers are known to write unformatted blog posts, which don’t stand a chance on search engines.

These days, to rank your articles should be properly formatted, with appropriate header tags.

7. Drastic Website Changes

You should avoid drastic website changes, to your website.

This confuses web crawlers, and in turn they start deindexing your website, because their users is a priority to them.

As such, stop making drastic changes to your website, if you want your website to be ranked.

8. Poor Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is a blancket term for a report that shows how your pages perform, based on real world usage data (sometimes called field data).

Having good core web vitals is a modern ranking factor adopted by google. As such, you need to optimize your website for speed.

9. Not Going for Low Hanging Fruits

As written in this article. Low hanging fruits are those keywords that can be easily ranked for, with little website optimization.

Going for low hanging fruit keywords, is a necessity for new bloggers, since they help you gain trust faster from search engines.


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