What is XML Sitemap URL?

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A Sitemap is an XML file, that contains all the links on a website. Its purpose, is to help search engine crawlers, index a website easily. The URL where this XML file is hosted is called the XML Sitemap URL.

How to Find XML Sitemap URL?

Most times the Sitemap Url, can be found in the robots.txt file of a website. To find your robots.txt file, simple, add /robots.txt after your website url.

For example, on this website, the robots.txt file can be found at https://www.yesterblog.com/robots.txt

There you can find my website sitemap, I use the default wordpress sitemap, and don’t use SEO plugins, on my website.

Nevertheless, if you are using SEO plugins, or XML sitemap Generators, below, is where you can find your XML Sitemap URLs:

  • Yoast SEO Sitemap URL: yourdomain/sitemap_index.xml
  • XML Sitemap Plugin URL: Yourdomain/sitemap.xml
  • Google Sitemap Plugin URL: Yourdomain/xml.sitemap.xml
  • Rank Math SEO Plugin URl: Yourdomain/sitemap.xml
  • WP Default Sitemap URL: Yourdomain/wp-sitemap.xml

Note, I put yourdomain, because some people can have .com, .org or .net. So put your full domain, with its TLD.