What is Local SEO? Service Guide to Improve Local Search Rankings

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Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization, are search engine optimization techniques, used to improve search engines rankings of a website in the immediate vicinity of a particular local area, instead of conventional global SEO ranking.

Summary: Should you Optimize Local SEO?

To summarize this article, if you have a website, that you want to rank globally, I will advice you to avoid local seo optimizing techniques, because many of these optimizations, cannot be undone.

For example, you cannot delete a google my business listing after creating one. I know this for a fact because of my other fitness blog YesterYes.

Don’t believe me, you can see the screenshot of YesterYes google my business listing.

You can only close the business, in your google my business dashboard, and even if you delete it, google doesn’t remove it from their maps.

Your business, will keep on showing up, in google maps, as permanently closed, despite the fact that you have tried deleting it.

As such, local SEO optimization, should only be considered, if you have local businesses, that has a physical location, like restaurants and workshops, where you deal with customers on a local level, and the need to scale is out of the question.

But if you are trying to run a scalable business, like a blog, I will advice you to avoid, optimizing locally, and focus on SEO techniques, that optimizes your online business globally.

Unfortunately for me, I had to learn this the hard way. Stay woke, don’t make the same mistake as me.

Also, trying to undo a local seo optimization scheme, can cripple your online business for good, both locally and globally.

This is because, google will always prioritize, global websites over local business websites, regardless of whether, you decide to start catering to a global audience.

Consequently, because local seo, is so easy to do, yet so difficult to undo, you should look at it with a grain of salt, and think of the long term, requirements of your business.

On a side note, local seo has its advantages, of getting your business quick free local leads, then up and running in no time.

Yet, it can cripple your ability to scale your business globally.

If you are a new blogger, learning alone on your laptop, hoping to make a dent online, I will personally, advice you to avoid local seo, and instead learn a no nonsense approach to starting a profitable online business that makes you $1000 per month.

That said, there is a reason top bloggers, like Brain Dean, Neil Patel, and yesterblog.com (In my dreams), don’t run local seo for of their blogs.

This is because they wish to scale their blogs to a global audience and get that Mula.

Moreover, if you are running a franchise, like McDonald, 7-eleven, Popeyes, banking or financial institution, with many branches, etc. then you will benefit tremendously, from locally SEO, but your work will be cut out for you, as you will have to manually, add individual locations of your franchise, to google my business.

Others that will benefit tremendously from local seo, are private owned retail businesses, that have a real life location. Examples of which are private barbeque shops, or car repairs businesses.

Local SEO Building Blocks: How to Improve Local SEO

Local SEO is neccesary for local businesses, like resturants and spa. If you run these businesses, then you need to make use of the free local SEO, tools that google has provided for free.

As such, you shouldn’t be paying anybody, to optimize your website for local SEO, because most of these things, can be done yourself, if you can just spare a little of your time.

Below, I list some of the examples of local SEO.

1. Google My Business

Google my business is the main building block of local SEO.

Just google “Google My Business”, and sign up with your Gmail account.

After that, you can then, imput your business details, like location, website address, and phone number.

If you don’t have a website, you can use the website builder that google provided, to spin, up a basic website, in your google my business, dashboard.

The good, thing about website, built on the google my business dashboard, is google installs, SSL certificates on them, for free.

Nevertheless, if your business, already has a listing, you can claim that listing, on google maps.

2. Google Maps Location Pinning

After you have successfully, registered the business, on your google my business portal. The next step is to pin your location, on the google maps.

Pinning location on google maps is easy, just enter google maps, and add the location of your business, and link it to your google my business.

The good thing, about pinning your location, is that people can find your business locally.

Doing the above two steps, are the most important for local SEO. The remaining 4 steps below, are not so important, as they don’t give you any benefits.

But if you are a perfectionist, you can continue setting them up, although, personally, I don’t think they are neccessary.

3. Directory Listing Address

After registering your busines on google my business, and pinning your location. You can add your business details to local directories websites.

Go online, and search for these local directory website, and register your business there to gain backlinks.

4. Backlinks

When you register your business on local business directories, you automatically get backlinks, which can help in boosting your local search rankings.

You should choose a balance of where you register your website. Don’t register your business on spammy, business directory websites, so you don’t get penalized by google.

5. Reviews

When you have registered your website, and set it up locally, google will send you traffic, and you might receive calls.

It is imperative, you treat your first customers, with respect and care, because they are going to leave reviews on your website.

If google sees, that your website is getting good reviews, they are going to promote your business, to more people.

Eventually, you are going to get people talking about your business

5. Google Local Search Query: Word of Mouth

When you offer good services, you get reviews, and then, referrals, through word of mount.

Eventually, this word of mouth, results in local search queries, of your business on google.

When google starts noticing that your business, is been search locally, a lot, they are going to refer your business more, and make it popular.

Disadvantages of Local SEO

Although ranking locally, might be good at first, eventually, some problems arise and they are listed below.

1. Problem ranking globally:

By far the main problem, with running local SEO optimization, is its innate ability not to rank you globally. Right of the bat, in your google my business profile, there is a section, which asks you to list the area, where you cover.

You are meant to manually, list and input all the countries in the world, if you want to rank globally for your content, as google will priotize your immediate vicinity first to rank you, and you will find a hard time ranking globally.

There is a reason why

2. Negative Local SEO by Competitors

Humans are naturally nasty people, and will do everything in their power, to sabotage, others. From making your competitors stop linking to you, to leaving bad reviews on your google my business profile, the list goes on and on.

Local SEO Services to Improve Search Rankings

Truth be told, local seo is quite easy to do if you are not lazy, and have a decent grab of using a laptop.

As such, paying for Local SEO services is a waste of money, since seo services can be quite expensive.

I should assume, you have done a business analysis, and decided that your business model, will be better off, going the local seo route.

If your business will benefit more from local seo, then keep on reading.

Instead of shelling out, large sum of money, to pay people to do, things you can easily do yourself, why don’t you use that money to create a website, and hire writers to produce content for your site.

Then use your google my business account, to create a google my business profile, for yourself, and link that website to it.

That way, you get a better bang for your bucks, and end up learning something new.

To benefit more from the local seo service you just provided for yourself, it is imperative, that you optimize your website, to better monetize the local traffic, you will be receiving, by doing everything listed below.

1. Create a Great Landing or Pricing Page]

Savvy business owners, can leverage the customers that visit their site. By inputting their service page link in the google my business profile.

That way any customer that visits their website, is immediately directed to the service or pricing page of their site, where the spell out, all the prices of their services.

A good pricing page, should sell the service or product of the business to potential customers. Also, more signups can be made by offering unbeatable good deals.

An example of a great landing page, is the YesterBlog home page.

It took me a long time of tinkering with the WordPress elementor design plugin, before I finally came up with the perfect design that converts.

If you want my designs, I offer them for a little token on this page. That said, a create landing page, should fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Simple:
    Remember customer retention is very low. If you cannot convince a person, to buy your product within the first 30 seconds. Chances are they will never buy, your product for life.
  2. Spell out benefits:
    You should sell your product to your customers, and what they stand to gain by buying your product. Remember humans are generally very greedy in nature, and if they don’t stand to gain, they won’t swipe the card. Be blunt and real with your site visitors. Nobody wants political correctness online.
  3. Special Deal Product
    Initially, your customer doesn’t trust you, so you need to give them a reason to trust you. You can do this by offering a special deal. Since my homepage landing page is so simple, I can afford to redirect customer to the offering page.

2. Create a Great Contact Us Page

In some cases, you might want your clients to call in to reserve the service you offer. In that case, you should create a great contact us which contains means your customers can contact you:

  1. Contact form
  2. Phone Number

Remember to keep your contact us page simple. Also, remember, your potential customers, might decide to leave, if you make things difficult for them.
It isn’t wise to leave your email on your contact us page, as site scanners, can scan your site, get the email and start spamming your email address.
As such, it is recommended that you put a contact us form in place, to mitigate bot crawlers. As for putting your phone number on line, don’t worry. Calls cost money, and many people aren’t willing to start prank calling you to rake up a phone bill.
Besides, you can specifically get a dedicated phone number for your business, and not use your personal phone number.