What is Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite)?

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I strife to bring you some of the best online tools, you can use to improve your online business.

Some of these tools, are geared towards serious content creators, or webmaster. One of such tools is google’s own propreitory package called google workspace (formerly G suite).

What is Google Workspace?

Google workspace is not just a single application. In fact, it is a combination of many tools, put together by google to help improve productivity of website owners, and these tools exist on the google cloud.

It was initially release in August 28th, 2006, as “Google Apps for Your Domain”, it has gone through so many rebranding.

In 2016, it was rebranded to G Suite, before adopting the present “Google Workspace” moniker in the latter stages of 2020.

Google Workspace Pricing: Is it Free?

Like all good things, in life, google workspace is not free. Since it is geared towards businesses, google expects to gain a little cash, for the services, that they build and offer to webmasters, and professionals.

Google Workspace offers, four pricing models.

Business Starter ($6 per user per month):

  • Secured business email on gmail
  • 100 participant video meeting
  • 30GB cloud storage per business starter user
  • Security and management control
  • Standard support

Business Standard ($12 per user per month):

  • Custom and secure business email on Gmail
  • 150 video meetings
  • Additional video recordings to video meetings
  • 2TB cloud storage per business standard user
  • Security and management controls
  • Standard support, can be upgraded to enhanced support, for a little token.

Business Plus ($18 per user per month):

  • Custom and secure business email on Gmail
  • Additional eDiscovery and retention
  • 250 video meetings
  • Attendance tracking of video meeting
  • Additional video recordings to video meetings
  • 5TB cloud storage per business standard user
  • Enhanced Security and management controls, with vault and advanced endpoint management
  • Standard support, can be upgraded to enhanced support, for a little token.

Enterprise (Subject to negotiations):

  • Custom and secure business email on Gmail
  • Additional eDiscovery and retention
  • S/Mime data encryption
  • 250 video meetings
  • Attendance tracking of video meeting
  • Noise cancelation, in domain live streaming
  • Additional video recordings to video meetings
  • As much storage desired by business
  • Advanced security, management, and compliance controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management
  • enhanced support, can be upgraded to premium support, for a little token.

What can you do with Google Workspace? (Products)

As said earlier, google workspace is a package of applications, some of what you can do with google workspace are listed below:

  1. Gmail, to create domain emails, and manage on your phone or laptop.
  2. Google contacts, to manage your online contacts in the form of emails or phone numbers
  3. Google calender, for event planning and scheduling
  4. google meet, for video confrencing
  5. Google chat, for chatting up, friends, collegues or business contacts.
  6. Jamboard, is a free electronic whiteboard created by google geared towards artist who draw.
  7. Google drive, for storing, business files, and data, and creating backup files
  8. Google keep,
  9. Google currents,
  10. Google vault,
  11. Google workspace marketplace, for discovering third party applications, that are not owned by google.

The above list, covers, the main applications, included in google workspace’s products.


Unlike the free version of the gmail offered by google, this gmail is for professionals, and feature domain emails, instead of the [email protected]

In this Gmail, domain owners can create emails for their domains, and manage it in their Gmail phone application.

The ease of use offered by this professional Gmail, is unprecedented, and some business owners swear by google workspace, due to this professional Gmail, option.

Google Contacts

The main focus of google workspace is to improve productivity of website owners. One of the pain points of website owners, is the need to manage their online contacts, especially now that over 50% of the world uses gmail, as their default mailing application.

Contacts on workspace, offers webmaster the option, to keep record of people who contacted their business, in the form of their emails or phone number.

The good part about it, is that these contacts can be managed from a mobile phone.

Google Calendar

Calendars can be a versatile tools to keep track of days, as life goes on. Online calendars have taken this to another level, by providing an avenue to keep track of upcoming schedule, and events.

Google calendar, is perfectly geared towards professionals, who keep a busy schedule, and might miss an appointment if care is not taken.

The Google calendar, allows, webmasters to pin upcoming events, on a particular date and time, and it gives reminder, to those webmasters, so that they don’t forget.

It also has event planning capabilities, as events can be planned, months ahead. This can come in handy, so that you don’t put two appointments on the same time slot and date.

The calendar can also leave notifications, to your phone, to remind you of upcoming events, days, before the schedule, so you have ample time to prepare.

Google Meet

Basically, this is google’s own version of skype.

Google meet, is a video conferencing application, which can be used to organize online meetings, between people or businesses.

Leveraging the extremely fast google cloud, and using proprietary video and audio transcoding protocols, the Google’s meet real time video performance is unrivalled, and many businesses, swear by it.

The google meet, can also be hooked to other applications, like google hangout to give real time messages as video conferencing is on going.


Google chat is a chatting application, created by google, and can be leveraged by workspace participants to aid in communications, between themselves and their clients.


Google jamboard is a propreitory white board, created by google, which is geared towards artist who draw, and paint.

The electronic board, can be used like a normal drawing paper, and the good thing, about it, is that all changes, are stored electronically.

Color palletes can be selected, and depending on the skills of the artist, or painter, extraordinary pieces of art, can be created.

Google Drive

Google drive is probably the most popular product offered, by google, in the google workspace.

By default, google gives 10GB free space of google drive to their customers, who are not on workspace, but paying workspace, customers get about 30gb of google drive space, for business starter customers, 2tb of google drive space for business standard customers, 5tb of google drive space, for business plus customers, and unlimited google drive space for enterprise customers (or based on request).

Google Keep

Google keep is a google tools used to take notes. It was initially released on march 20, 2013, and works on the android and ios operating system.

Notes can be made with text, written, audio, or even pictures, and it has received praise for its, speed and ease of use.

Google Currents (formerly Google Plus)

Google currents formerly called google plus, is a software for enterprise communication.

It is currently been developed, with more features been added. Users can asked for a free trial to test out, the product and services.

Google Vault

Google vault is an ediscovery tool for google workspace. Data of organizations users, can be stored and then exported.

Only users of workspace business plus, get to access google vault, since user privacy data is involved.

Google Workspace Marketplace

Google workspace marketplace is an online store for web applications, not developed by google. Simply put, it is a playstore, for computer web applications.

Initially, it was launched on 9th march 2010, as Google Apps marketplace, it has grown to hosts thousands of apps, APIs, and scripts, some paid, and some free.