What is Black Hat SEO?

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Black hat SEO are unethical (bad) search engine optimization tactics that aim to game search engines, and rank websites quickly.

Why Black Hat SEO?

The premise of search engines is to provide the best results that correctly answer a keyword question query.

But that takes time, and analyzing many factors, like Google’s 200 ranking factors. It becomes apparent, that following conventional White hat SEO, will take a long time, and effort.

So, Black hat SEO gurus, have spent years studying how search engine rankings work.

As such, they abuse this knowledge, and use it to game search engines, to quickly rank their websites.

Why you should Avoid Black Hat SEO?

The main reason why you should avoid black hat SEO, is that your website will eventually get penalized or blacklisted, if you don’t have good website articles, to

9 Black Hat SEO Examples

Below are some of the most common types of black hat SEO.

1. Comment Spam

Comment spam is a black hat seo tactic in which a software sends out tons of comments with links to websites with comment box, in hopes of getting website traffic.

Comment spam is the easiest form of black hat SEO, because many companies offer these services, today.

Comment spam, attacks upcoming websites most especially, to get visitor from the site admin, and probably a backlink.

2. Keyword Stuffing

In early days, websites can get ranked by just putting, and repeating a keyword, many times, on a website.

Keyword stuffing, is now penalized by google crawlers, now due to artificial intelligence doing the crawling, and ranking websites.

If the algorithm discovers keyword stuffing, in your articles, your ranking will drop like a rock, thrown into a pond.

3. Hidden Links

Hidden links are when a webmaster changes their link color to white, hence cannot be detected by the human eye.

Hidden links impact SEO, dramatically, because search bots, can see the links in the code, and might penalize defaulting websites.

4. Link Farm

Link farms are websites created for the sole reason of creating links for people.

Link farms, have been marked by search engines, and if a website known for been a link farm, links to your website.

Your website stands a chance of being penalized by google.

5. Link Purchase

Sometimes webmasters buy links to boost their SEO within months, instead of waiting for conventional SEO links.

This can help in the long run, if it is done moderately. But buying links, without producing good content, is a huge no, because there is no substance to guarantee the abnormally links.

In time, search engines, will figure out, and start penalizing the website, reducing your rankings tremendously.

6. Article Spinning

Article spinning is when people take articles from websites, and put it into a text spinning application, and repost the content on their blogs, as original content.

Most times, this is done, because producing original useful content is a labor of love, that few are willing to accept. As such, they go the other route, and start spinning articles, to gain visitors, and hence, use article spinning softwares.

Websites, which engage in article spinning, can write thousands of articles for their websites, in a few days, and quickly get their websites, ranked.

In due time, site visitors start noticing weird behavior from site visitors like high bounce rate, because site visitors cannot understand the gibberish, of article spinners, which causes people to leave.

7. Invisible Text

Invisible text like invisible links, are notorious for been a black hat SEO tactic, because they are not visible to the normal human eyes, but visible to search engines, and therefore causes search engines to penalize offending websites, because it is seen, as an unethical way to game search engines.

In the hay day, websites will use invisible text, to stuff the keyword being targeted a thousand times.

For example, a person, looking to rank for “Keychains”, will write an article for keychains.

Then use write keychains a thousand times, in white, and submit the article to google.

That will then cause their article to shoot to the top of the page. But google got wiser, and has identified, this particular type of SEO a black hat SEO.

If you even dare, attempt this tactic, this day, your website will get penalized.

8. Plagiarism (Copied Content)

Plagiarism is simply put the copying of another website, content word for word, without, changing the text.

Plagiarism, is worse than article spinning, because an article spinner, puts in an effort to at least change the way the text looks.

But an article plagiarizer doesn’t give a damn, and just copies the content, word for word, without making any changes.

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