Web Developer Portfolio

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Web Developer Portfolios are published personal projects, a web developer has built up, or assisted in building up. Examples of Web developer portfolios, are websites, codes on GitHub, or online games.

Below I will list some of the types of Web Developer Portfolios.

Beginner (Junior Front-End) Web Developer Portfolio

Beginner web developer portfolios, are mostly built by junior web developers. They are mostly basic development projects, which make use of basic, html, CSS and JavaScript.

Most beginner web developer portfolios, are static or basic websites, which display texts, and buttons, are are not memory intensive.

These portfolios, are necessary to build up, the programming skills of a junior web developer, and can help to improve their morals, to pursue more challenging web development

Senior (Full-Stack) Web Developer Portfolio

Senior web developer portfolio, are mostly large projects, built by experienced full stack developers. They include complex data analysis programs, to social media applications, like facebook, video streaming services, which can have data encoding, and decoding.

Essentially, these portfolios, are what most top companies run on, and sometimes, these portfolios, might be in the form of web scripts, which are hosted on GitHub.

Senior web developer portfolios are most times done by teams, because the scale of the codes, which can run into millions of lines, can not be done optimally by one person.

Although, single stand alone, phone applications, like games, can be done alone by these senior web developers.

Examples of Web Development Portfolios

Below, I list some examples of web developer portfolios.

Google Search

The infamous google search, started as the portfolio of two college students, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin. Back, during the infancy of the web, the idea for a search engine, came to Larry Page, when he was studying for his phd.

After many years, of research, he finally built up Google search, which has since grown to become the behemoth, it is today.


Facebook started as a dormitory project of Mark Zuckerberg and college roommates and fellow Harvard University students, Andrew McCollom, Chris Hughes Eduardo Saverin, and Dustin Moskovitz.

Their personal Portfolio, has since grown, to become, the social media of the world.


According to Wikipedia, PayPal was originally established by Max Levchin, Peter Thiel, and Luke Nosek in December 1998.

It started, as a personal portfolio, and has become, the infamous, payment processor, it is today.


YesterBlog, is my own wordpress portfolio.

Many web developers, will not consider it a real portfolio, because it was built on WordPress, but I chose to build this blog, on WordPress, because of the following reason.

  1. I am a junior web developer, and don’t know what the heck, I am doing.
  2. Many experienced web developers, are already, managing WordPress, because of its security
  3. Plugins, and unrivalled performance.

All Personal Websites

Any personal website, you see online, is a portfolio, of somebody, who has worked, hard to come up, with a beautiful design.

Your Website

If you so wish, you can spin up your own personal portfolio with WordPress. If you are a junior web developer, I advice you to have a blog, where your voice can be heard, instead of wasting precious time, search for jobs, you might not get.

As you blog, and gain readers, you can then monetize them, and become a well to do, junior developer. Today, many developers are talented, but they can’t find a job.

Also, many developers today, can code, but they cannot run a business. If you are an experience, junior web developer, you already have all the skills to pay the bill.

Instead, putting all your eggs in one basket, of an imaginary job, why don’t you setup, your own personal portfolio brand, as you go job hunting?

So therefore, why don’t you just spin up, a simple WordPress website, which you can call, your own portfolio.

If you love the look and feel of my website, I can give you elementor WordPress design template, for a token. If you are a junior developer, you shouldn’t have problem setting it up, and start getting your voice heard.