Tidio Review

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As the internet evolves, the need to improve marketing outreach increases, as customers are not guaranteed to stay on a page, due to the volatile nature of the internet.

In come Tidio, a solution, which online marketers can use to leverage the site visitors, in ways, never thought possible before.

A. What is Tidio?

Tidio is a saas marketing and communication software, which offers live chats, and chat bots, which can tremendously improve, revenue of online businesses.

It offers this solution, in the form of a chat widget, which a site visitor, can use to effectively, gain the attention, of site visitors, which can then be redirected to a landing page, of products and services.


B. Products

Tidio offers two main products, and they are life chats

1. Live Chats

Live chats, are as the name implies, chats between, your site visitors, and a human being. Unlike chat bots, visitors to your website, are directed, and routed to chat with a human, being, which you have put on the other end, of the Tidio app.

Live chats, can be useful, when you integrated the tidio chat app, to your mobile phone, so that chats, are directed to you, in real time.

2. Chat Bots

Chat bots, on the other hand, are automated replys, which Tidio artificial intelligence chatbots, spin up automated replies, to your site visitors.

Replies, can be complex, or kept simple, to redirect visitors to a particular page in mind.

C. Features

With many rave reviews online, it is only right, for me to list some of the features of Tidio, that has catapulted it to, marketing saas application, stardome.

Below, I list some of the features so that you can know, what you are getting yourself into.

1. Web Application

Tidio is hosted online, instead of your server.

As such, it doesn’t consume any part of your machines, ram or resource. Also, this model of operation, ensures the web application, can be easily maintained, by their web developers, and ensure, uptime, on their products and services, to customers.

2. Chatbots

Tidio, offers chatbots to their customers. These chatbots are artificial intelligence chatbots, which can reply to your site visitors on the fly.

Their chatbots, are among the best in the industry, but with all things machine, sometimes, they can fall short. In such rare cases, you can easily add chat rules to your chatbot, so it can be updated.

3. Contacts

Automatically, your site visitors, that interact with your chatbots, are saved to your contacts dashboard.

From there you can choose to follow up on them, or ignore, depending on what you feel, is the best move for your business.

4. Analytics

Tidio, offers reporting analytics and graphs data, to help you guage and monitor the success of your online marketing campaign and efforts.

The graphs and analytics data, are intuitive, and simple to understand, with reporting in number of site visitors, interactions, percentages, etc.

5. Email Marketing

You can opt to have marketing campaign from your Tidio dashboard, as the platform is readily integrated with MailChimp, which you can use to message your site visitors.

D. Integrations

Tidio app, has now grown, into one of the most popular marketing apps, in the world. As such, it has many integrations, depending on the platform you are using.

1. WordPress

By far its biggest market share. Tidio, has a wordpress plugin, that can help in bypassing integration headaches.

Currently, it has over 100,000 active installations, with almost 300 reviews, most of which are 5 star reviews.

Some other intergrations are listed below

  1. shopify
  2. mailchimp
  3. google analytics
  4. zapier
  5. zendesk
  6. zendesk sell
  7. magento
  8. hubspot
  9. agilecrm
  10. site123
  11. bigcommerce
  12. codarius
  13. 3d cart

E. Pricing

Tidio offers many pricing options, ranging from their free versions, to chatbots, communicator, and mailing plan.

You have the option of opting to pay monthly, or yearly.

$0 per month
3 chat operators
500 emails per month
Visitors info
Unlimited chat
$18 per month ($180 per year)
unlimited chats
unlimited visitors
unlimited emails
user information
all free tier features
$18 per month ($180 per year)
unlimited contacts
unlimited emails
all free tier features
live visitors
$10 per month ($100 per year)
unlimited contacts
all free tier features
no daily sending limits
email templates

E. Installation

Installation of Tidio can be done in 5 steps.

  1. Install Widget on Webpage:
    In this step, a code is given to you to paste between the footer of your webpage
  2. Start your first Conversation:
    To test whether tidio, really works, you have to test it, with live visitors. Don’t worry, if you don’t have site visitors yet, the ai on your dashboard, can simulate visitors.
  3. Meet your future customers on visitors list:
    Site visitors, are automatically saved in the visitors list, you can then follow up on them, to gain their trust, and later on their cash, that way, you become profitable.
  4. Don’t miss any conversations:
    This step involves downloading and installing, the phone application, from the android playstore, or iphone app marketplace. This step, is important, if you don’t want to miss, any conversation, from your website.
  5. Automatically change your online/offline status:
    This step can come in handy, if you are dealing with a bot load of traffic, or you are clossing for the weekend. You can just change your status, from online to offline, that way, your site visitors, are notified, that there is nobody online to receive their messages.

F. Benefits

Tidio is growing, and it is growing fast. There is a reason, why many online marketers swear by it. Some of the benefits of using tidio, are listed below.

  1. Simplify communication:
    Tidio simplies, the way you can communicate, with your website visitors. It creates a fishhook widget, which can lure interested customers, to bite. Next thing you know, they are you customers.
  2. Automation:
    The entire process is automated, as the Tidio web application, is properly coded. The only work you need to do, is to properly install the plugin, and the web application, takes care of the rest. Of course, you will need to set some messaging, rules, if you are not interested, in the automated response.
  3. Easy user interface:
    Unlike other saas plugins, which can have a hard to understand user interface, Tidio, offers an easy to understand user interface, where customers, can easily know their way around the product. The menus, are few, and not complex, so that you can easily navigate from place to place, unlike some complex alternatives.
  4. Customization:
    You can customize your chatbot look and feel, to the color you want. This customization option, exists for all plans.
  5. Customer outreach:
    Visitors are automatically saved to your dashboard panel, and you have the option, to contact them later on, or just keep quiet.
  6. Great tool overall:
    Overall, it is a great online tool, that should boost your online revenue, if done right.

G. Review

Personally, I use tidio, to redirect visitors to my product landing page, where I sell my own design templates, for home and about page.

Putting links, in article, can achieve the same result of redirecting, site visitors to my landing page, but that is if, customers, read the article, to the part, I put the link, and even if they read to that point, there is no guarantee, that they will click the link.

But with tidio, I can leverage the curiosity of humans, to put a chat button, on the bottom, left corner of my website, to redirect tons of visitors to my landing page.


With Tidio, I can give more exposure to my landing page, by creating a pre-meditated, chat, which then leaves my article link, on the website.

This way, more people get the heads up.

Increase Conversions:

Tidio, can tremendously, increase and improve, your website, conversion, if done right. Out of the gate, if your website is getting visitors, you can create your online product and start earning, immediately.

But, your product needs to stand out.

In my case, I sell the template design for my about, and home page. Which is simple, and beautiful.

On average, if you write killer content, regularly, it is possible to direct about 0.05% of your site visitors, to your landing page, but with Tidio, you can increase this number, by 100%, and be able to direct, about 5% of your site visitors, to your landing page.

For example, lets say, you have 40,000 page views, per month, with tidio, you can be able to get 2000 of those your visitors, to your landing page.

And with conversion rate of 2%, you can be sure of getting 100 sales, monthly, from website visitors, unlike previously, were conversion, can be only 1 or 2, every month.

G. Conclusion

In conclusion, I will recommend Tidio Saas app, for any serious online marketer, who is serious about boosting, online sales.

There is only benefits, that can be gained, by using Tidio, regularly, and with the way, the user interface has been setup, there is only one outcome, that awaits you, which is success.

The user interface, is intuitive, and it gives you data, to improve, your marketing campaign, as you can see, your article, which gets, the most, amount of site visitors.