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Frequently Asked Questions

All new individuals who sign up for the course, get a link to get $100 (2 months) Free webhosting credit, to one of our web hosting providers.

Note: Web hosting credit, cannot be used to purchase the course.

Webservers are like your home computers.

Patience have to been dished out, when installing scripts.

As such, you must give at least 20 – 30 mins, before login into your server. If not the script installation, might be hindered.

After getting your free web hosting credit, we also provide, website builder files, that can be installed on your server, and give you a website in no time.

All new things in life, can be overwhelming.

We will be there every step of the way, with easy to follow video guides, that many novices, have used to successfully develop successful businesses.

YesterBlog is transparent in doing business. Because of the nature of the Product, we offer no refunds on all products on this site. Our products results speak for themselves.

Follow the steps given, that has guided many to online success.

Yes, you need your unique domain, to install your website.

You can buy a domain from Namecheap, Godaddy, Google Domains, or any Domain name seller, you like.

YesterBlog does not sell domains, so you have to get your domain elsewhere.

We accept payments from  all major card providers (VISA, Mastercard, and Discover).

You can pay via the “Get Access To Full Course” button, below.

$100 Hosting Credit (Included)