How to SSH login with private key Authentication Putty Digital Ocean

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SSH keys are a more secured server security protocol, than the default password used on some servers.

In this guide you will learn how to ssh login with private keys into your server. In this case, the server is on digital ocean.

1. Download and Install Putty

The thing you need to do is to head over to and download and install putty on your machine.

2. Use Puttykeygen to Create SSH Keys

Then use puttykeygen to create an ssh key. The gen will produce a private key and public key.

3. Copy and Upload Public SSH Key to Digital Ocean

Upload public key to digital ocean

4. Save private SSH Key to your computer

Save private key to your computer.

5. Add SSH Public Key to any Server in your Account

Add SSH key to your server

6. SSH into your Server with private Keys

Now you need to test your ssh key.

A. Open putty

B. Enter Ip Address

C. Enter Server Username

D. Click on SSH, But Wait before login into Server

E. Go to folder where you saved your private key and open it.

F. Now SSH into your Server.


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