How to Increase Website traffic

3 min

The priority of every blogger is to increase their website traffic.

After all, a website with more traffic, means you have more ways to monetize the website and make more money.

Nobody can make money from a website, that doesn’t have traffic. Because people that visit your website, have cash to spend.

1. Use Listicles

Listicles like this blog post, are good ways to increase your website traffic, because they are loved by google search results.

Most listicles, can be turned into featured snippets, which can help you jump the ranking time of new articles.

Asides that, listicles are aesthetically pleasing, and easy to read, for website visitors, which can help reduce your bounce rate, and improve time on site.

2. Buy Traffic

Sometimes, buying traffic can boost your traffic in the short time. Most especially, if you have an ecommerce site, that can bring sales immediately.

Some of the best media traffic sellers are Facebook ads, google search ads, etc.

For beginners, Facebook ads is recommended. Because it is far cheaper than google ads, which can eat up your budget, before you have time to optimize it and start earning from your website.

You can jump the loop of getting traffic if only you have a solid product that is desired and solves a particular problem.

Be careful when buying media, so you can get a decent return on investment (ROI).

3. Write long engaging blog posts

Writing long engaging blog post is necessary to gain organic traffic online.

Back in 2013, Brain Dean of backlinko, invented a technique of writing website articles, which he called the skyscraper technique.

You need to abuse this technique, when writing website articles, that way your contents get ranked quickly on search.

As your content is ranked quickly, you gain traffic, and start selling online.

4. Build Backlinks

Backlinks are a ranking factor, according to backlinko’s google ranking factors.

They are an important vetting sign, that signals search engines, on the importance of site articles.

After all, people link to website, whom they trust their articles.

Nobody links to articles, which are poor quality.

5. Include Featured Images

You will be surprised at the number of people, who don’t include featured images when blogging.

Featured images, are important for image SEO, and which can be important to humans who use image search, when searching for queries online.

6. Keyword Research

Keyword research is important when writing website articles. Go for high volume keywords can be the difference between a website that gets traffic, and a website that crumbles.

7. Include Internal Linking

Internal linking helps crawlers, navigate your website, and scan new pages.

Internal linking also helps your website, quickly ranked.

8. Update Old Website Articles

Updating old website articles to more recent versions can help you increase web traffic tremendously.

Old website articles, can be an important and fast way to boost your traffic, since they are already ranked, and all you need to do is change the title and header tag, and add a little words.

When google crawler, recrawls the website articles, it can then give you a boost in organic traffic.

9. Publish Regularly

Publish blog post regularly, keeps the google crawler satisfied.

A satisfied google crawler, will then reward your website, with traffic, as all things should happen in life.

Make sure you update, and publish blog post regularly, this way, google or other search engines, are aware that your website is regularly updated, with content, and in turn they will reward you with website traffic.

10. Use Chatbots

Chatbots can tremendously reduce the bounce rate of your website visitors.

A chatbot like tidio, can be used to get repeat visitors, which causes google to start trusting your website, and stand sending more visitors to you.