How to get Quick Google AdSense Approval and Receive Payments

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To get quick google AdSense approval in 2022, your website most conform to the following rules:

  1. Have at least 12 – 20 articles
  2. Articles must be above 700 words
  3. Have navigation menu
  4. Your website must have about us page
  5. Your website must have terms and conditions page, with privacy policy.
  6. Be easy to navigate, with good menu structure.
  7. Aesthetically pleasing website

Google AdSense is by far the fastest and easiest way to start making money on your blog. As such, it comes as no surprise that many new bloggers, are curious about, this way of monetizing a blog.

What is Google Adsense?

If you have been surfing the internet, chances are that you have browsed websites, with display ads, plastered over it. If you have, then that website, is probably a part of google AdSense program.

As the name implies, Google Adsense is owned by the worlds most popular search engine google, and was initially created by applied semantics, on June 18, 2003.

Google adsense simply put, is an advertising platform, in which advertisers can run display ads, and drive traffic to their websites, or products. Also, Google AdSense operates on a cost per click or cost per impression.

Nevertheless, about 35 million websites, globally run google ads on their websites.

Applying for Google Adsense

Applying for google adsense is quite easy. You just need to fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Be a webmaster:
    To participate in the google AdSense program, you must own a website, that contain articles or browsable page. You website must be accessible and should preferably have an SSL certificate installed, to give your visitors peace of mind.
  2. Own a Gmail account
    Since google owns the AdSense program, you will need to own, their preliminary email service (Gmail). Since you can only apply for an AdSense account, by having a Gmail account.

How to Apply for Google Adsense

  1. Google, google AdSense or head over to the following link:
  2. Sign up for the AdSense program with your Gmail account.
  3. Input the domain of your website
  4. You will be given a code, insert the code in the header section of your website. If you are using a WordPress website, I will advise you to install the “header and footer code manager” WordPress plugin, to manage html codes easily.
  5. Wait for AdSense approval, this might take 24 – 336 hrs., or 1 – 14 days, depending on the country you originate from. United States residence, find it easier to get AdSense approval, because google AdSense is based in the united states, so verification, is a little bit easier.

Tips to Get Approved on Google AdSense

Many new bloggers (webmasters), get rejected on Google Adsense, because they fail to follow simple instructions, before the apply for google AdSense.

Yes we get it, you are excited to apply and be accepted into the Google AdSense program, but you have to contain your excitement, and follow simple instructions, since you are not a child.

Below, are some simple instructions, many new bloggers fail, to obey, and if you don’t want to be rejected, you should follow the same steps.

1. Nicely Designed Website

You have to understand that google AdSense is a very popular program, and as the time this post was written, about 35 million websites, are currently enrolled in the program.

As such, google has become like a pretty girl, who everybody want’s to date. Hence the reason, why so many people get rejected.

Simply because their website is lame, and their approach to win over google AdSense heart is wack.

You must understand that humans (Google employees), are going to personally review your website, and if they land on your website, and see, it all messed up. They immediately, will reject your website on the spot.

As such, you need to design a beautiful website, by following standard guidelines.

  1. Have a homepage
  2. Have a blog page
  3. Keep it simple
  4. Have categories for your posts
  5. Have proper menu, navigation.

2. Have Articles on your Website

Some new bloggers just want to temp fate. Before you even apply for google adsense, make sure your website, has at least 10 blog posts, with juicy long form content.

Do not make the mistake of writing thin content, you content has to be long form, at least 1000 words, and you should have at least 10 of such blog post.

Although if I am been honest, if you want to cut it, in the ever changing online world. Aiming for 3000 word articles should be your target, because 1000 word articles, barely rank these days.

If you want to make an online statement, you should from the start, start writing 5000 words skyscraper contents, which will guarantee your online ranking in no time.

But of course, many people are lazy, and preferre the easy way, they will go and spit out filmsy 300 words articles, and expect google adsense to approve them.

Even if they manage to get approved, they will find it hard

3. Navigation Menu

Your website has to be easy to navigate. Nobody wants to visit a website that is hard to navigate, because it causes bad user experience.

Websites with bad user experience, will cause google adsense ads to suffer. As such, google AdSense wants vetted websites, on their AdSense lists.

Not just any regular spam infested website.

4. Great Design

Your website should have great design, and be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

This affects users psychological, causing users to be retained on a website, for longer.

As such, you should aim for clean website designs, and not tie users, down with bloated designs, that can overwhelm them with data.

5. Website Must have About, Privacy Policy, and Terms & Conditions Pages

Serious businesses must have an about, privacy policy, and terms and conditions pages.

These pages, give a brief overview of your business, and tells first time visitors, what your website is all about.

As such, Google AdSense, has personally, requested that these pages, should be present on your website, before you can get approval, end of story.

If you plan on starting a successful blog, you need to have the following pages:

  • About Us Page
    The about us page tells website visitors what your website is about, and what it stands for. It also introduce famous people handling the website.
  • Privacy Policy Page
    The Privacy policy page tells people how their information is used, this page deals with cookies, and user data.
  • Terms and Conditions Page
    The terms and conditions page, tells people how to use your website, and legal implications that comes with abusing the website rights.

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