How to get out of Google Sandbox

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The fastest way to get out of Google Sandbox, is to get AdSense approval for your website. Because, AdSense approved websites have passed the “human website review process”, that determines whether a website can be trusted, and is not “spammy”. In other words, AdSense Approved websites, automatically, get lifted out of Google Sandbox.

But getting AdSense approval, or getting lifted out of the Google Sandbox, is just the first stage.

Periodically, google will scan your website, and send you test traffic, to gauged the quality, and helpfulness, of your website articles.

If you wish to hold on to these temporal test rankings, you need to follow good webmaster practices, and show google that your articles are actually helpful, to site visitors, if not, your website, will lose, the initial test traffic, it got from the AdSense approval, and might never recover.

Remember, according to google, having AdSense on your website does not guarantee you website rankings, but getting that first AdSense approval, bypasses, the need for google to run quality tests on your website, because a human google employee, has already vetted your website.

As such, it is imperative, that you write longform helpful website articles, that keeps site visitors on your website. That way, you show google, that they can actually trust you fully, and give your website a chance.

Below, I outline the process to quickly get out of google sandbox, by getting AdSense Approval. Don’t worry, you can easily, remove the AdSense code after a while, if the code slows down your website.

How long does Google Sandbox last

Based on observations, the google sandbox lasts for 1 – 6 months, depending on niche, and how often the website is updated with new articles.

Top Tips to Quickly get Out of Google Sandbox

Below, I give you the top tips to quickly get out of google sandbox.

1. Design Professional Pages for your Website

Remember, AdSense websites automatically, are out of the sandbox. But to get AdSense approval, you need to have a professionally, looking website.

Nobody, is going to get your website approved, if it looks spammy as hell.

A professionally looking website should have the following.

  1. About Us Page:
    Google wants to know who is behind a website. To do this, you need to have an About Us page, where you can describe yourself, and explain why you set up your website. An example of a good About Us Page, is my website about us page. I kept it simple. If you need my templates, you can get it here for a token.
  2. Home Page:
    Professional websites, should have a home page. You can go with the approach, of listing your articles, as your home page, or setting up a dedicated home page, like YesterBlog’s home page. Once again, if you want my design templates, you can get it for a token.
  3. Contact Us Page:
    Professional websites have contact us page. Google will be looking out for a contact us page, to reach out to you. Make sure your website has a contact us page. You can go the contact form route, or you can just put your email address and phone number, on your contact us page. Note if you are leaving your email address on, your contact us page, you will be flooded by spammy emails.
  4. Terms and Conditions:
    All professional websites have a terms and conditions page, to describe how the business runs. Make sure you setup, a terms and conditions page, to protect your website, from the law.
  5. Privacy Policy:
    Privacy policy page mostly deals with how site visitors (users) data are collected by cookies and used. On this page, you should describe how the user data, is collected and used.
  6. Disclaimer (Disclosure):
    A disclaimer page is where you absolve your site from some of the effects of the law. The Disclosure page, is where you list some of the advertising programs your website is partaking in.

If you can have these pages on your website, you should get quick AdSense approval in no time.

2. Write At Least 10 Long Form Articles

Google AdSense places ads on content. As such, if your website is sparse and empty, you can be sure you will not get approved, and out of the sandbox.

Make sure you write at least 10 good articles on your website. After which, you can apply for Adsense.

Remember, upon approval, you can remove the AdSense code, after a month, but not after you have gotten the initial boost from getting out of Google Sandbox, through AdSense approval.

3. Apply for Google AdSense

The most important stage to get your website out of Google Sandbox, is to actually apply for the AdSense approval.

You will be given a code, go and inject this code in your website, then wait for the next 2 days to 2 weeks. Depending on the test Google AdSense is running on your website.

In due time, if you followed the first 3 steps, you will get approved. In other words, google now recognizes your website, and it is out of their Sandbox.

4. Inject Ads in Your Articles

Injecting Ads into your articles can slow down your website. But it has a benefit, and that is, it causes the Google AdSense bot, to recrawl your website.

Google has allocation for websites online. As such, if your website, has been crawled before, they might not crawl it again, for a long time. But if you inject AdSense code in your website, it causes the AdSense bot, to recrawl your entire website.

Although the AdSense bot is different from Google Search engine bot, they share a cache.

In other words, when the AdSense bot, recrawls your website, the Google Bot is automatically updated.

5. Submit A Sitemap

The next most important step to get out of the sandbox, is to submit a sitemap, to expedit the process of site crawling.

Just log into your Search Console property, and submit your sitemap.

By default, WordPress has a sitemap, but if you are using an SEO plugin, you can check for the sitemap URL, and submit, your website sitemap.

Periodically, google will crawl your website, to check for updates.

6. Submit Article Links

Sometimes, in the early stages of your website. You need to submit, your article links in search console to get them update on google.

Don’t be shy, to submit your website article links.

7. Stop Making Drastic Changes to Your Site

One of the greatest battle with newbies, is their need to over design their website.

Avoid that, and stop making drastic changes to your website. As this can sabotage your efforts, and get you penalized and put back in the Sandbox, you just managed to escape.

8. Go for Low Competition Keywords

Although, it might be hard, it is not impossible. You can start searching for very low competition keywords on google to get topics to write about.

The problem with people is that they are greedy, and are not willing to go for those low hanging fruits, which they can get quickly ranked for.

If you can get your articles ranked for low competition keywords. You can tremendously expedite the process of getting ranked quickly.

9. Publish Frequently: Write 50 Long Form Helpful Articles in First 30 Days

Publishing frequently is a good sign to google. Once they notice that your website is regularly updated. They are going to trust you and send you more test traffic.

10. Pass Google’s Testing Phase

The testing phase, is when google decides to give your website a chance in the organic rankings.

They do this by sending your website test traffic, to gauged the quality of your website articles.

As such, to pass this phase, you need to be publishing long form helpful content regularly, so that you will be inducted into their good books.

If they run some tests on your website, and notice that people are actually, staying on your website and reading articles, they are going to start sending you more website traffic.

11. Get Indexed Quickly

If you successfully, pass the testing phase, you will notice that your website articles, are getting indexed more quickly.

You will know that you passed the testing phase, by the jump in traffic, you receive from google.

12. Watch Your Traffic Grow

Congratulations, you finally made it out of the google sandbox, and have started receiving traffic.

If you wish to remove AdSense from your website, you can go, ahead, as now, google fully trusts your website, and will not penalize you from removing AdSense code.

Remember, they understand that other search engines, are looking for them to slip, so they can take over their rankings, so they will always give preferences to websites, who publish good articles.

So removing AdSense code from your site, won’t cause any problem.

Final Thoughts

I have shown you the method, to hack your way out of the google sandbox. Implement it and try, and give me your feedback.

Remember, you must write long helpful content, for this method to really work for good.

Over to you.


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