How to Gain Rapid Online Presence as a small business

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Online presence is important in the ever increasing and saturated internet space. Moreover, when trying to improve online presence, it is very easy to miss the mark, due to some simple errors and mistakes.

That said, growing online today is not easy, due to the many factors involved in online SEO. Nevertheless, growing is possible if you are willing to make simple little changes.

As such, below are some simple steps and procedures you can take so you can gain rapid online presence as a small business.

  1. Create a brand, by selling a single service or product.
    The problem with so many online businesses today is that they have not invested in creating a brand.
    Before I explain the importance of branding, you need to understand, what is a brand? According to β€œBranding, by definition, is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company.”
    There are many ways to create a brand, but the easiest steps is this:
    I. Pick a problem
    Ii. Create a solution for that problem.
    Iii. Name the solution of that problem (branding).
    Iv. Exchange the branded solution for cash.
    For this to work, you need to solve a pain point, for people and not just create a crappy, general product, everybody can get online after googling.
    By creating the master solution, that helps solve problems, you create happy customers, who refer their friends and family to your company website, which results in more sales and revenue.
    Unfortunately, many small businesses, waste time on frivolous things, like trying to conquer different niches at the same time, and eventually conquer none.
    The best approach is to pick a single problem, create the best solution for that problem. Market and sell that solution, then eventually, you can grow your business from the revenue, realized from that solution.
    You can create an online course and turn your website into a membership site.
  2. Declutter your homepage.
    When going through many small businesses homepage, you realize that the homepage is not optimized.
    This is bad, as it leads, to losing valuable leads, who should have been converted into paying customers.
    As such, optimizing your homepage as a small business should be a priority.
    Be direct and stop beating around the bush.
    The best method of doing this, is by redirecting most of your homepage visitors, to visitors to a landing page, which links to your service.
    Let this landing page, redirect to a checkout page.
    Limit the number of signup forms you have on your homepage. Instead, direct your visitors to a checkout page for your online service.
    By following this guideline, you quickly convert your website visitors, before they get a chance to change their minds.
    Also, you get the bonus of a heavier, check.
    Limit the amount of header (top) menu, on your website. In fact, you should have only one link β€” which leads to your landing page β€” as your header menu.
    Most of your website links (menu), should be located at the bottom, where few visitors actually visit.
  3. Invest in comprehensive 5000+ word articles.
    Gone are the days, where flimsy 500 words articles will help you rank on google front page. Today, you need to write comprehensive, meaty, long content, to get a chance of ranking on the first page.
    Not only do you have to write meaty content, the content also has to be helpful. Definitive guides, of 5000 word articles, are a good bet for you.
    By writing long content, google identifies your website as producing value, and rewards your site with traffic, which brings you customers, and organically grows your small online business.
  4. Funnel social media users to your landing page.
    At one point facebook punished, viral website, by limiting the amount of shares and likes they got.
    Unfortunately, for them, the time on their website began to go down. As of 2020, facebook, have decided to help website pages grow, and the results have been the deliverability of website content on the feeds of users.
    You should learn how to leverage this gold from the gods, and funnel social media users to your landing page.
    Boosting facebook posts, will also aid you in acquiring valuable leads.
  5. Invest in SEO services like rankpay
    Sometimes, it is good to hire professional SEO experts like rankpay, to help you gain the coveted, no 1 spot on google.
    They offer clean SEO strategies, like link building, to quickly help you rank your articles in no time on google.

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