How to Download YouTube Video

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The fastest way to download a YouTube Video is to append ss to the beginning of the YouTube url. This will automatically redirect the browser to, where you can choose, the video quality to download.


YouTube has transformed into the most used online video company, with an average watch time of about 4hrs (let that sink in).

Sometimes we want to save the available videos, to watch later offline, or when it is illegibly available (for the criminals).

Regardless of your aim, we have all been there, and we want to download a YouTube Video. As such, i have outlined the best ways.

A. Use Savefrom.Net

Savefrom.Net is a free online tool, which you can use to download YouTube videos. The tool, gets the video url on YouTube servers, which it automatically saves to your browser, or sometimes, you need to save it yourself.

  1. Pick the YouTube Video you want to download.
  2. Copy the video URL
  3. Head over to, and enter the video url, you just copied.
  4. Alternatively, you can append ss to the YouTube URL. For example,, becomes,, becomes
  5. This will cause a temporal redirect to website, and you can choose the video quality to download.

Disadvantages has some disadvantages, which are listed below.

  1. has many ads, some of which are pop under, if you don’t have adblock in place, you might hate the user experience. But since it is a free tool, it is a good deal.
  2. Sometimes the video doesn’t start downloading automatically, but instead redirects to the video url, which automatically plays the vide. In such cases, you will have to manually enter CTRL + S

Advantages also has its advantages, some of which are listed:

  1. It is completely free.
  2. It rarely disappoints, except in some instances, where YouTube has deliberately blocked the video URL.

B. Use VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is at this point infamous. Very few people watch videos on their laptop, and not use VLC Media Player.

Now despite the fact that VLC Media Player is so popular, very few people know about its video downloading capabilities.

VLC can get you the video codec url, which you can then save the video.

1. Get YouTube Video URL

The first step is to get the YouTube Video URL. Get the video url.

1. Start Vlc Program and get Codec Information

  1. Open and run vlc on your system.
  2. Head over to media option menu
  3. Under media option, open network stream. If you’re using Mac, the flow is FILE > OPEN NETWORK.
  4. Next Open media
  5. Click Play button, and the YouTube video should start playing on your VLC media player.
  6. Next open codec information and copy video url
  7. Head over to your browser, and paste the video url
  8. Press CTRL + S to save the video.

Disadvantages of Using VLC video download

  • Using vlc video player, has too many steps.


  1. This option is more secure, and you don’t need to worry about acquiring viruses or trojan, by visiting free YouTube downloader websites.

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