Exceeded Let’s Encrypt Rate Limit

1 min

I started dabbling with servers of recent, and one place I made a mistake was the installation of SSL certificates.

I heard let’s encrypt gave free ssl certificates, so I did what any newbie will do; I abused let’s encrypt SSL.

After destroying my 6th server, I tried setting up a server once again (Don’t get me wrong, I destroyed such amount of servers because I wanted to master the command line terminal).

Anyways, I tried installing certbot certificate, only to be hit, by the message that I had reached my limit, and had to wait for 1 week.

1 freaking week, I will lose all my rankings, right?

But I am a fighter, I wasn’t going down without a fight, so I went out of my way, to install SSL certificates on my website.

My search led me to discover two methods of installing SSL.

1. Get Free SSL on Zero SSL

Zero SSL, gives you three free QUIC ssl certificates, before they charge you for SSL Certificate.

If you exceed your let’s encrypt limit, you can sign up, and get your free ssl, certificate, install it on your server to secure your server for a while, until the let’s encrypt rate limit, expires.

The way you will install an ssl certificate on your server varies, on the type of server environment you are using.

On SSL certificate path, varies, on Debian, and Varies on Ubuntu.

Also, you will have to edit your server virtual host, to make everything work.

2. Generate and Install Self Sign SSL

Your other option is to use openssl to install a self sign ssl certificate.

It works and offers all security features like other ssl, the only difference is that browsers might give a warnings in some instances.

You can use this option, temporally, until the rate limits expires in 5 days or 1 week.

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