Coding Sucks: Why 90 Percent of Tech Startups Fail

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Business is Pimping.

Moreover, successful businessmen, will never enlighten ignorant developers, about such an important business lesson.

I mean, who admits owning the golden goose, so they get robbed?

Many developers although book smart, are incredibly naive.

Their logical, and analytical brains, cannot comprehend the non-logical life fact, that all successful businessmen are pimps in suits.

For this reason, many excellent developers, who decide to setup a tech business, end up becoming failed businessmen.

Road to Success

The Achilles heel of excellent developers is their grandiose mindset.

This grandiose mindset, causes them to blow through, acquired startup funding, chasing non-practical solutions.

In time, coding begins to suck for them, since there is no long-time financial rewards in the long hours they have put in, on a project.

This simple fact is what separates successful tech startups, from unsuccessful tech startups.

Most importantly, it is why 90 percent of startups fail.

Business 103 (Law of Money)

Now don’t get me wrong, coding is incredible, probably tied with sex, but it sucks if you lack business acumen, and you are a bad idea chef.

If you selected two chefs, and gave them the same recipe and ingredients, I guarantee you, one will have better food than the other.

In the same vein, if you selected two businessmen, and gave them the same funding, and business idea, their business results will vary.

A laser focused recipe (the law of money), is what separates successful businessmen, from the non-successful ones:

  1. Identify a problem
  2. Create solution for problem
  3. Exchange solution for cash

A businessman is a fisher of men. Like a fisherman, that casts his hook and rod looking for fish.

So ask yourself these questions.

Are you fishing in the right area?

Are you using the right fishing tools?

To succeed in life. You need book smarts to identify a problem, and create the best solution product, and street smarts (business smarts), to exchange that solution for cash.

Most importantly, remember that business is pimping.

Nothing is perfect. Zero is nothing. Zero is perfect.


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